About Us

US Branch of the
Baku International Multiculturalism Center (BIMC-US)

The purpose of the BIMC-US is to promote the model of multiculturalism in Azerbaijan (AZ) within the US among key officials and important partners, and to share the concepts, ideals and practical realities with people and organizations within the U.S. through research, written publications, engagement with key sectors, forums, cultural/educational exchange efforts and US-based events.

Headquarters Location of BIMC-US
Phoenix, Arizona

Founding Director: Dr. Jannah Scott

Board of Advisors
Mr. Adnan Khan, Council of Pakistan
Mrs. Hyepin Im, President/CEO & Founder, Faith and Community Empowerment
Mrs. Tehmina Khan, Council of Pakistan

BIMC-US Goal and Objectives

BIMC-US Goals:

  • to work on intercultural dialogue and interfaith harmony;
  • to cooperate in the implementation of mutual activities and promote the spirit of multiculturalism and tolerance of Azerbaijan among the American people;
  • to implement joint projects and activities with the Center in Baku and centers around the world.

BIMC-US Objectives:

  • Work with the BIMC in Azerbaijan on overall direction and strategic plan for the development of forums, educational exchanges, youth/young adult intern and educational engagement and cultural exchanges.
  • Conduct ongoing research to understand the AZ model as it operates in cities and towns in AZ, and plan strategic approaches to promote and replicate the model
  • Develop cadre of friends and scholars; manage the solicitation and conduct of speaking engagements, publications, articles and briefing papers from friends of Azerbaijan and scholars for distribution to external audiences in the US to promote the model
  • Engage with universities, US government agencies, faith leaders, communities, philanthropic organizations and the common man to educate on and share the model
  • Work with the BIMCs in the other countries to share research, promising practices, promotional strategies and potentially co-sponsor efforts and events.

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